Flake and Chips

Flake and Chips

Flake and Chips: A Classic British Dish

The traditional British dish, flake fish and chips, consists of battered and fried cod or haddock (known as “flake”) served with thick-cut French fries (known as “chips”). People often accompany it with tartar sauce, mushy peas, and a lemon wedge. Many pubs and fish and chip shops in the UK serve this popular comfort food.

Flake and Chips

What is Flake fish?

Flake refers to a type of white fish, typically cod or haddock, that chefs batter and fry. They usually make the batter using a mixture of flour, salt, and beer or sparkling water. Which creates a light and crispy coating around the fish. The cooked flake should have a moist and tender interior and a crispy exterior.


How are Chips Made?


To make chips, also known as French fries, cooks cut potatoes into thick slices and fry them in hot oil until they turn crispy and golden brown. They usually season the chips with salt. And serve them with a variety of condiments, such as ketchup, vinegar, or mayonnaise.

Flake and Chips
History of flake and chips

The History of Flake and Chips.


We can trace the origins of flake and chips back to the 19th century. When people in the UK started to enjoy fried fish as a popular street food. During World War II, the dish became even more popular because it was one of the few foods that was not rationed. Today, flake and chips is a beloved British dish and an important part of the country’s culinary heritage.

Popularity of Flake and Chips today?

People of all ages continue to enjoy fish and chips, making it a popular dish in the UK today. Many pubs, fish and chip shops, and restaurants that offer British cuisine feature it on their menus. Although the basic recipe for flake and chips remains the same, many variations and modern twists on the dish now exist, such as using different types of fish or batters. Some places also offer healthier versions of the dish, grilling or baking the fish and using sweet potato fries instead of the traditional deep-fried chips. Regardless of the version, flake and chips continues to be a beloved comfort food and an important part of the UK’s culinary identity.

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